New John Wycliffe film goes on tour

“Morningstar” is the new feature film from Trinity Digital, looking at the life and legacy of JohnWycliffe. It is scheduled for release on 31st October 2022 and will be made available online, on DVD and in selected theatres.

Christine Emelone
Wednesday, 12th October 2022, 11:49am
New John Wycliffe film goes on tour

A brilliant and eccentric scholar in medieval Oxford, John Wycliffe struggled to maintain his integrity as his world was engulfed by the Black Death, the Papal Schism and the Peasants' Revolt. Yet he and his followers foreshadowed both the religious revolution that was to come, and the spiritual revival that accompanied it.

To this day, Wycliffe is most famed as the man behind the first full translation of the Bible into English. Defying church and state, Wycliffe was determined that the ordinary people should be able to hear God speaking in their own language.

An international team of independent film makers have spent two years putting together a cinematic exploration of one of the most fascinating men of the 14th century. Blending elements of both drama and documentary, “Morningstar” portrays the gripping story and radical thought of John Wycliffe for a wide, contemporary audience.

Click here to see the making of the film in pictures

Through November and into December, Trinity Digital will be taking “Morningstar” through the towns and cities of the UK.

Each screening will be held for one night only, often in partnership with a local church or community group, and will be followed by discussion. Details of these venues can be found on the “Morningstar” website, and enquiries can be made about partnering over a local screening.

Murdo Macleod, director of “Morningstar”, says: “For me, the story of John Wycliffe, and of the whole Reformation, came to acquire truly awe-inspiring dimensions. The canvas is the known world; the struggle is between God and Satan; the characters are broken and striving people, fighting each other in

their search for truth and a better world. As a whole, the saga is grander than “Twilight of the Gods”; more poetic than “Lord of the Rings”; grittier than “Game of Thrones”; more provocative than “His Dark Materials” and more spiritual than “Chronicles of Narnia”. I am passionate to tell this story, and to share this vision around the world.”

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