Carnoustie "not willing to take its foot off the pedal" in growing golf

The Angus facility is focused on helping to develop the next generation of golfer. Pic by Carnoustie Golf LinksThe Angus facility is focused on helping to develop the next generation of golfer. Pic by Carnoustie Golf Links
The Angus facility is focused on helping to develop the next generation of golfer. Pic by Carnoustie Golf Links
The chief executive of Carnoustie Golf Links says a new high performance programme launched this month will help being out the best in the next generation of golfers.

The Angus links recently announced the launch of a new programme designed to help junior golfers reach their full potential.

The Carnoustie Craws High Performance Programme will see the links invite a hand-picked selection of their 300 plus juniors to the 2022 under 12s and under 18s high performance squads.

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The squads are made up of players who have reached the handicap index or on course pathway criteria set out by the Links and, as importantly, players who have the necessary work ethic and desire to push themselves to achieve great things in golf.

Michael Wells, chief executive of Carnoustie Golf Links said: “Carnoustie is not willing to take its foot off the pedal when it comes to growing the game of golf.

"We are very aware that there are a wealth of opportunities within the sport and we want to open doors for the new generation into the game.

"We are fiercely passionate about growing the game of golf from the grass roots but also aware of the rich heritage of high performing players that are so intwined into the story of Carnoustie.

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"This programme will help to create a new generation of players to follow in the footsteps of Carnoustie champions such as David Grieg, Eric Ramsay, Lindsay Mann and Ailsa Summers.”​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The whole programme, including coaching and access to the facilities, will be fully funded by Carnoustie Golf Links, with the continued support from The R&A, with no cost to the junior golfers involved.

The goal of The Carnoustie Craws High Performance Programme is to produce Scottish junior International calibre golfers who will have the potential to further their career in golf beyond the age of 18 years old.

The programme will also support each player to achieve their individual goals by diving deeper into the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological attributes required to be a high performing junior golfer.

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Keir McNicoll, head PGA professional at Carnoustie Golf Links said: “This new programme feels like a natural evolution of our golf development here at Carnoustie.

"Our participation programme has grown dramatically over the past few years and has done so because of the committed effort from everyone involved, from our hard-working volunteers to the junior golfers themselves.

"Based on the success of this participation programme, we are now ready to expand our coaching commitments and begin to focus more attention on the performance aspect of the game.”

Carnoustie will provide a structured framework to allow each player to follow an accelerated pathway to reach their potential, including a minimum number of group training sessions per week plus individual coaching with Carnoustie’s PGA professionals. They will also be given support with tournament preparation and will be given access to other industry professionals to help achieve performance targets.

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