Rest assured National Bed Month can be refreshing!

Friday, 4th March 2022, 5:45pm
Rest assured National Bed Month can be refreshing!

Lay your head to rest in National Bed Month

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep in order to feel refreshed and to operate at our maximum each day.

Introduced by The Sleep Council and The National Bed Federation, National Bed Month takes place every March.

Why hold National Bed Month?

It aims to raise awareness of the importance of sleep and, more specifically, how significant a good, comfortable bed is in helping to achieve a good night’s sleep.

Forget the old saying that if You snooze, you lose. It’s thought that a good sleep has amazing properties that make you healthier and happier, and can even add years to your life.

At the Sleep Council website, you can find out all about the essentials you need to have the perfect sleep and, of course, the right bed should be your number one priority.

Groundbreaking study

In 1988 a groundbreaking study found that by switching an uncomfortable old bed to a lovely new one meant an extra 42 minutes of sleep.

Try to avoid bad night’s sleep during National Bed Month (photo:

That could make the difference between a grouchy next day or a pleasant day from the moment you wake.

The National Bed Federation is calling on bed manufacturers and retailers to support the annual awareness campaign.

Long-running campaign

The campaign, which has been running for more than 30 years, promotes the health benefits of buying a new bed to consumers, particularly one made by many NBF approved members.

This year’s theme – Wake Up on the Right Side, with the Right Bed’ #RightSideOfTheBed – will focus on bed buying advice to ensure consumers get the right bed for their needs, plus tips on how to care for it to prolong its lifespan.

Make sure you get the right amount of sleep (photo: contrastwerkstatt –

According to NBF consumer research 41 per cent are replacing their old mattresses in five years or less, with a third citing as a reason for a replacement that their old bed is worn out and a further 21 per cent that it’s uncomfortable.

Most adults require between seven and nine hours of sleep per night.

Final words

On National Bed Federation website NBF marketing and membership manager Simon Williams said: “Over the years, we’ve had hundreds of retailers and manufacturers support National Bed Month in their sales and marketing campaigns.

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