Predictions for this year’s top summer bedroom trends

Summer is fast approaching and the brighter days are perhaps shedding light on the need for some seasonal updates at home.

Fiona Evans
Thursday, 4th May 2023, 3:43pm
Predictions for this year’s top summer bedroom trends

But where to start? The place where we spend the most time each day, of course – the bedroom.

It’s essential that we create somewhere we feel happy, calm, safe and stylish.

To inspire your summer overhaul, Swoon, the online design-led furniture brand and its professional designers have shared their predictions for the top bedroom trends of 2023.


The interior world is loving walnut furnishings.

This dark, warm-toned wood is particularly strong and heavy, making it ideal for sturdy yet chic furnishings.

If solid walnut is out of your budget, walnut stained wood is a great alternative.

Select a stylish walnut-toned wooden bed with a sophisticated headboard as the base of your bedroom design.

The bed should always be at the centre of the room’s styling so coordinate the other furniture with its walnut tone.

Select matching bedside tables, a modern dressing table and some savvy storage for a contemporary take on Scandi stylings. Opt for a fresh and airy colour palette elsewhere in the room.

The bedroom chair

If the bed is the star of the show in your sanctuary, the bedroom chair is its up-and-coming understudy.

A statement seat can elevate your bedroom from ordinary to opulent.

Decide how much space you have to play with first, and then which style you fancy, from alluring armchair to luxurious love seat.

This summer, we’re expecting to see tub style chairs rise to fame once again but with a more sculptural, sophisticated shape than their original 90s’ version.

The power of purple

We’re not talking gaudy neon purple or old-fashioned aubergine - we’re actually referencing WGSN’s colour of the year, ‘digital lavender’.

This calming, modern purple tone is already making waves in the fashion industry and we predict that our interiors will be next.

There are many ways to creatively implement this tone into your home but in bedrooms, a feature wall is the way to go.


This summer, the popular wall embellishing method is getting a sun-drenched makeover.

Reminiscent of the stunning islands of Greece, we expect to see monochrome white displays of sophistication return.

White panelling, white walls and even white wall art – it’s all about the texture.

Decorative mirror

Curved, puddle style mirrors are set to be all the rage.

These asymmetrical, irregular shaped mirrors are reminiscent of free-flowing water – hence the nickname – and bring a calming, relaxed vibe.

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(photo: Swoon)
Many seek to refresh their bedroom as we head towards summer (photo: Swoon)
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