Dogged determination can help canines eat well

A dog behaviourist has shared top five tips for getting your canine eating naturally.

Chris Page
Thursday, 28th July 2022, 4:06pm
Dogged determination can help canines eat well

Over the years, we’ve become accustomed to our four-legged friends devouring anything that’s put down in front of them.

But, like ourselves, our dogs’ habits can change and they may start becoming a bit more choosy when it comes to meal times.

Bella & Duke’s natural canine behaviourist Caroline Spencer suggests top five tips ...

Find the right feeding location: Creating a calm feeding environment without distractions is fundamental when it comes to fussy eaters. Spend some time in the room where you’ll feed before feeding so that you, and your dog, can relax before their meal.

Place the food on the floor where your dog is going to feel comfortable eating, avoid passageways, hallways or even the corner of the room – they need their 360 vision to eat in comfort.

Sit with your back to your dog when they’re eating so they don’t feel watched and can eat uninterrupted.

Timing mealtime: You may find that your dog, especially an anxious dog, eats better in the evening.

You are calm, the day is done, everyone is home and more relaxed. Feeding your dog once a day is perfectly fine.

Add tasty additions: Adding a favourite natural, dehydrated treat like our Supreme Sprats or a little bit of beaten raw egg to their food will encourage many fussy dog to get stuck in.

You could also sprinkle their meal with antler powder, drizzle some bone broth over it or even add a small amount of tinned sardine in spring water to enhance the aroma.

The scavenger method: Dogs are natural opportunists when it comes to kitchen scraps. Try the method of ‘obliviously’ dropping your dog’s food on the floor for them to hoover up.

By avoiding eye contact or communication this helps eliminate any added stress your dog may have.

Some 90 per cent of dog owners have seen this method succeed with their fussy eaters.

Ration portions: Many dogs prefer to eat smaller dollops of food, and some will even take it back to their special places to eat.

If your dog often takes food and treats to their bed or under a table, put their meals down there for them to enjoy them where they prefer.

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