Welcome for funding to encourage outdoor play

The £1.1million allocated to Angus Council will be phased over three years.The £1.1million allocated to Angus Council will be phased over three years.
The £1.1million allocated to Angus Council will be phased over three years.
Angus South MSP Graeme Dey has welcomed Scottish Government investment and reform plans to increase opportunities for children to enjoy outdoor play in Angus.

The Scottish Government and COSLA have agreed £50 million in funding to local authorities over the next three years for the refurbishment of children’s play parks across the country.

The capital allocation to Angus Council over the period of 2023/24 to 2025/26 will total £1.1 million – increasing year on year from £220,000 to £330,000 to £550,000.

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New changes to planning rules also mean councils will need to think more about providing outdoor play spaces, and make sure new developments also provide them. This action will increase opportunities for outdoor activity and help implement a commitment to incorporate children and young people’s rights into Scots law and practice.

Under the policy, local authorities will be encouraged to support planning applications for the development of play spaces, parks and sports facilities. New regulations are being introduced to require that they assess the adequacy of play spaces and consult local children and communities.

This will ensure councils are better informed when making future provision for play in their local development plans.

Mr Dey said: “I very much welcome the funding coming to Angus for the revamping of children’s play parks, and the changes that will support the building of new ones. I look forward to seeing the impact in communities across the county.

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“This Scottish Government recognises the vital importance of outdoor spaces, activities and exercise for children and young people, and their right to safe places for play and socialising.

“This is just one of many actions being taken by the SNP government aimed at making Scotland the best place in the world to grow up.”

As set out in the 2021 Programme for Government, the Scottish Government will invest £60 million over the course of this Parliament to renew public play parks. It provided £5 million towards this commitment in 2021 followed by a further £5 million in 2022. The additional £50 million of funds will be allocated as follows: 2023-24 - £10 million, 2024-25 - £15 million, 2025-26 - £25 million.