Restoration of Angus to constituency's name

Angus MP Dave Doogan has welcomed an announcement that the Boundary Commission that the name Angus will be retained in the new parliamentary constituency.
​The retention of Angus in the constituency name has been welcomed.​The retention of Angus in the constituency name has been welcomed.
​The retention of Angus in the constituency name has been welcomed.

The proposed North Tayside constituency will now instead be called Angus and Perthshire Glens.

The MP had argued strongly against the erasure of Angus from the political map, however the Boundary Commission pressed ahead with their proposed new boundaries which removed Angus as a constituency.

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As a fallback option, Mr Doogan had also argued that the constituency name should refer to the communities and landscapes contained within the new boundary and that the name ‘Angus’ should not be deleted from the electoral map.

Responding to the decision, Mr Doogan said: “The Boundary Commission were set on the geographical make-up of the new constituency, side-lining local concerns about its’ size, layout, and erasure of Angus. Moreover, their proposed name of North Tayside was utterly meaningless to local people.

“I am therefore pleased that the Boundary Commission have listened to me and my concerned constituents who railed against the disappearance of Angus from the political map.

“After petitioning the boundary commission, I am delighted that we have won the maintenance of Angus on the electoral map together with Perthshire, and a reference to the extraordinary landscapes ranging from Montrose to Rannoch Station.”

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