Call for return to in-person GP appointments in Angus

North east Scottish Conservative MSP Tess White.North east Scottish Conservative MSP Tess White.
North east Scottish Conservative MSP Tess White.
Local MSP Tess White has called for the Scottish Government to set a target date for the return of more normal face-to-face GP services.

Her call comes after the Scottish Conservatives led a debate in the Scottish Parliament urging SNP Ministers to commit to outlining when patients will routinely be able to see their GP face-to-face in Angus.

The SNP-Green Government and other parties voted against the Scottish Conservative motion.

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Ms White has thanked Angus GPs for going above and beyond during the pandemic but says they are completely overwhelmed. That is also having a knock-on effect in other health services in Tayside, including ambulance wait times and A&E services.

According to Public Health Scotland, many Angus GPs were having to deal with a higher-than-average number of patients this year.

Brechin Medical Practice had three GPs with 2,870 patients each, Friockheim had two with 1,844 patients each, and Abbey Street in Arbroath had one GP with a startling 6,203 patients.

Ms White said: “The refusal of the SNP-Green Government to back a swifter return to more normal, face-to-face GP appointments in Angus is extremely disappointing.

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“The SNP cannot use Covid as an excuse. They were warned for years about how our GPs in the likes of Forfar and Brechin were overwhelmed and underfunded, but they failed to take any action. As we head towards winter, these pressures will only worsen."