Angus households among the hardest hit for energy costs

Mr Doogan has called for a harder line on petrol retailers.Mr Doogan has called for a harder line on petrol retailers.
Mr Doogan has called for a harder line on petrol retailers.
Angus has the 52nd highest energy bills out of all the 408 local authority areas in Great Britain, according to new figures.

According to data from, households in Angus are already paying 26.3% more than the price cap that is set to be introduced in October, paying on average £1733 per year.

The data also shows that people across Scotland are paying more on their bills compared to England and Wales.

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Angus MP Dave Doogan said that the country is “paying the price for sky high energy bills” despite Scotland’s oil, gas and renewable resources.

He continued: “In the UK the vast revenue generated from Scotland’ s our oil and gas industry over half a century is now nowhere to be seen while consumers in Angus and all across these islands get hammered with higher energy bills.

“Making things worse is the excessive transmission charges Scottish generators have to pay to access the UK’s national grid. The measures announced by the Chancellor last month – welcome though they were - will barely scratch the surface of the rocketing energy bills crippling households.

“High energy costs across Scotland are a function of global commodity prices but the responsibility to support ordinary people through these challenging times rests with the UK government who for fifty years have pocketed the tax from North Sea energy revenues. The UK government must also take a much firmer line with petrol retailers to pass on reducing prices in a timely and fair way.”