New club is base for success in maths

An innovative new club that helps parents and their children with maths homework in Dundee and Angus has proved to be such a success that 70 families are now on a waiting list to join.

The Multiply Project supports adults across the UK to improve their maths skills through free personal tutoring, digital training, and flexible courses over the next three years.

A standout feature of the Multiply Project at Dundee and Angus College is the Homework Clubs in the Angus area. These are designed to support parents alongside their children to provide an innovative and collaborative learning environment.

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The clubs are timetabled to suit working parents, but, due to the overwhelming demand, there are more than 70 names on the waiting list and other sessions have been extended to other areas in the county.

Kirsty Paterson, project delivery lead, said: “We often hear from parents that they struggle to help their children with their maths homework because they do not understand the concepts, methods or terminology being used in their child’s education.

“We aim to create a lasting change in how numeracy and Maths are perceived and applied in daily life.”

As well as the Homework Clubs, the college has also developed a number of other programmes to support local communities with upskilling in maths and numeracy, with several online courses which are fully funded.

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Claire Elder, a parent in the programme, said: “Maths isn’t something that my son is confident in, and he doesn’t really understand what he is being taught at school. I’m not very good at maths either and it has never been my strong point, so when I saw this club and saw that you had to accompany them, I signed up and now I am being able to support him because I am learning as well.”

Her son Alfie thinks having his mum by his side at the class has changed his approach to maths.

He said: “It’s like she knows what I’m doing so I don’t need to try and explain. I used to just write stuff down that I didn’t understand and then not know what I was trying to do when I got home. I don’t do that now, I write stuff down and I know what it is.”