Councillors agree changes to kerbside recycling services

​The council hopes the measures will save £500,000 per year.​The council hopes the measures will save £500,000 per year.
​The council hopes the measures will save £500,000 per year.
Angus councillors have approved changes to the county’s recycling services, with householders now being asked to recycle more material at the kerbside and save the local authority money.

At a special meeting on Tuesday, elected members gave the go-ahead to measures including the introduction of a new blue bin being provided for paper and cardboard, and the grey bin remaining for containers and cans. These will be emptied every four weeks on the same day of the week two weeks apart, so no change to the overall number of bin collections or capacity for recycling.

The general purple bin (non-recyclable) remains for general waste and is collected in the same way every two weeks.

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However, purple bins containing unacceptable amounts of recyclable material will be left and the kerbside to allow recyclables to be removed and recycled appropriately.

Glass will need to be deposited a Neighbourhood Recycling Points, which will increase from 23 to around 190 and will be placed at sites such as supermarkets and shopping centres.

Residents with difficulties accessing such sites will be give advice by the council's recycling team.

In addition, the current food waste service will be extended to an additional 3900 households, meaning less food waste going into the non-recyclable waste bin.

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The hope is that the measures will save £500,000 per year in costs with the initial outlay for the new service will come from external funding.

Part of the funding will be used to provide street furniture to house additional bins to ensure that clear access remains, with officer time to plan and deploy these in the best areas.

Councillor Beth Whiteside, council leader, said: “Members agreed to proceed with changes to the way we manage our kerbside recycling that will help to save the council £0.5m a year, as well as bringing us closer in line with other councils’ collection systems.

“As consumers, we have a duty to dispose of our household waste correctly.

The new changes will help Angus Council do that for you as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible, while continuing to support our zero-carbon ambitions.”