New perch needed for feathered trio

The Scottish SPCA is seeking new homes for animals currently in the care of several of its rehoming centres across the country.

Mark Dowie
Monday, 24th April 2023, 7:00am
New perch needed for feathered trio

Inky, Pinky and Blinky are a trio of colourful budgies residing at its Angus centre.

This fun loving trio enjoy sitting on their perch, singing songs and watching the world go by. They are very inquisitive but are quite hand-shy, and much prefer being admired from a distance.

The Society is looking for an experienced owner who will understand their body language and give them space when they need it.

They will need a large cage or heated outdoor aviary, with plenty of space. They will also need plenty of perches and toys to keep them entertained and will prefer to be the only birds in their new home.

Anyone who can give them a new home can get in touch at

Ellie is a sweet German shepherd looking for a forever home. She is currently being cared for at the Edinburgh and Lothians Centre.

Ellie is lovely but nervous and is looking for the right owner to help her become the best dog she can be. She can often become overwhelmed by new and unusual situations, and her new owner will have to be patient with her as she adjusts to her new home and life.

Ellie loves going for walks and walks very well on her lead. She is a good-natured dog who is very affectionate with the humans she knows and trusts. She has lived with other dogs in the past and will require a secure garden with six-foot-high fencing so that she can have some time to explore and potter around off her lead.

Details are available at

Blaze is a lovable border collie at the Aberdeenshire centre. He is an older gent at nine years old but still has plenty of energy. He loves nothing more than long walks, playing with his toys and long sessions of fetch. He is very affectionate and also enjoys down time to snuggle up next to you on the couch.

Blaze has not been socialised with other dogs much so his new owner will have to work with him to improve his manners using some positive reinforcement training.

Again, details at

The Society thinks that Blaze would be best suited to a family where he is the only animal in the household.

Blaze has also shown signs of separation anxiety so his new owner would preferably have experience of owning dogs with this behaviour.

If you can give Blaze his new home, please apply via the Scottish SCPA website:

SACP-20-04-23-Pets of the Week Ellie-SCO.jpeg
Ellie is lovely but nervous and is looking for the right owner to help her become the best dog she can be.
SACP-20-04-23-Pets of the Week Blaze-SCO.jpeg
​Blaze is a lovable border collie at the Aberdeenshire centre who loves long walks.
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