Try these six low cost ideas to brighten up a child’s room

Sally Burton
Wednesday, 30th March 2022, 10:00am
Try these six low cost ideas to brighten up a child’s room

If you’re thinking of freshening up your child’s bedroom this spring, but don’t want to spend a fortune, there are crafty ways you can make a big difference, on a small budget.

It can be hard to find inspiration when starting a crafting project, but searching sites such as Pinterest or YouTube for tutorials and design ideas can foster ideas and enthusiasm.

Crafting projects are also a great way to get your little ones involved in the painting and decorating process.   

To get your creativity flowing, here are a few easy craft suggestions to get you started:   

DIY No-Sew Felt Banner   

If you’re not as confident with sewing or after a quick craft, this ‘no-sew felt banner’ could suit you.

You will need pieces of felt from your local craft store. Cut to size an A4 piece of felt in half. Add a dot one-quarter of the way up in the middle and cut a triangle out from the corner to the centre point, creating your flag shape.

Measure out a piece of ribbon to your desired length, then secure it to the felt patches using a hot glue gun.   

Then use a letter stencil to trace around some spare felt to add a message on the banners, such as ‘Sophie’s Room’ to add a personal touch. 

DIY Kids’ No-Sew Play Tent  

To make a play tent, you will need a large piece of fabric around 79 X 55 inches, the size of a double bedsheet, a 12-inch embroidery hoop and a piece of yarn or ribbon.   

First, lay the sheet on a flat floor, and split your hoop into two rings. Ensuring both hoops are loose, take one loop underneath your fabric, 10cm from the side with the longer length, and place the other ring on top. Next, pinch and pull through around six inches of fabric from the centre and secure the hoop with a screw.  

To hang it, take your rope or yarn, and cut around a metre and a half, taking the middle of the fabric, and tie your string around the middle as tight as you can in a double or triple knot, then hang from your desired area in your kid’s room using a hook.   

Budget ways to childproof your home:

DIY Chalkboard Wall 

This craft is a great affordable option, and you can get as creative as you wish. If you have a spare patch of wall, you can grab a pot of chalkboard paint from your local hardware store.

Apply the paint to the designed area of the wall; here you can release your creative flare and use wall stencils you can find at a craft store (or freehand a design if you feel comfortable) and make a fun design for a wall such as a star, heart or a moon.   

DIY Wood Toy Bins  

Tidy all those loose toys using a wooden crate. Once you’ve got the structure of your toy bin, you can personalise. Taking paints in a colour of your choice, add alternate colours to create stripes or use vinyl stickers to add a name or a phrase.   

For an extra touch, add wheels to the crate, which you can find at your local hardware store, to allow you to move the toy box around the room quickly.   

DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

Dollhouses can get expensive, but this DIY is an alternative that you can craft with a bookshelf you may have spare around your home.

Take your bookshelf and choose how you’d like to lay it out – take paint in a colour of your choice and add what you wish to decorate. For example, if you have sample pieces of wallpaper, stick to the back of the bookshelf to incorporate other colours and patterns. 


DIY Animal Bookends   

This project is for all the book worms needing a solution to keep books organised but visible. Using a smooth wood block found at a hardware store, paint to the desired colour or leave natural. Take two plastic or wooden animal toys (that your kids won’t mind losing to a craft), paint to a colour that suits the colour palette in the room and secure using strong glue, such as a hot glue gun – then you have a pair of unique book holders.    

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