Solo travel – are you ready to go it alone?

Capturing the moment...are you ready for a solo adventure this summer?Capturing the moment...are you ready for a solo adventure this summer?
Capturing the moment...are you ready for a solo adventure this summer?
Recently I mentioned to one of my friends that I was thinking of going on holiday by myself.

I was surprised at her response. She looked at me as though I had said I was going to the moon never to return. Quite simply, I don’t have anyone to go away with on holiday this year. Besides, I need a break and I have barely had a day off since January. The art-loving food and drink explorer in me is craving a burst of Italian or Spanish culture, and I am also in desperate need of some proper sunshine. What’s the problem?

There are lots of reasons why many of us go on holidays by ourselves. Some people have no choice – many are single or simply can’t get their diaries to align with friends or family. Or – maybe they just fancy a bit of time on their own. Furthermore, holidaying with friends and family doesn’t always work out that well, especially when everyone wants to do different things. It can lead to huffs and poolside discord if they can’t agree on the agenda or pace of the trip.

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Even when I’ve been away with family or groups of friends, I’ve been known to go off and do my own thing for a couple of hours. None of my circle are too fussed about many of the things I like to do when I’m abroad. Equally, I’m not one for lying around a pool from sun up to sun down – although I used to love doing exactly that but my preferences have changed with age and time.

Enjoy the peace and solitude of being on your own but solo travel can also be a liberating experience.Enjoy the peace and solitude of being on your own but solo travel can also be a liberating experience.
Enjoy the peace and solitude of being on your own but solo travel can also be a liberating experience.

I agree, travelling on your own isn’t for everyone but it does have its advantages. Every morning you can wake up to a new day filled with promise, and look forward to the freedom, peace, and solitude that a solo adventure can bring. Exploring somewhere new with no ties, no schedule and nobody else to please but yourself. Sounds good, right?

As I am thinking about a solo holiday this year, my research brought up some great travel agents and tour operators’ websites that will help you choose the right trip.

I’m very competent at booking my own travel but this year I might let someone organise it for me. I just want to turn up and enjoy the ride. One company that has caught my eye is Explore Worldwide.

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Apparently, more people are travelling solo than ever – Explore has seen a 29% increase on pre-pandemic travel. This is perhaps not surprising, and it’s not just single people either, as often one person in a couple will be ready or more willing to travel earlier than the other. Additionally, they have different ideas of what their first post-Covid trip will be.

More bookings of Explore holidays have been made for 2022 by solo travellers than by multi-person parties. Small group trips are ideal for travelling solo – the planning and organising is all done for you, by experts on that particular area, and you’ll be joined by a small group of likeminded people (of which half are likely to be travelling solo) and a local guide that knows the destination inside and out, ensuring you get really close to the destination and its culture and communities. You know you’ll be safe, see the best there is to see, and be in good company. Solo travellers can either choose to share with another traveller of the same sex or pay a single supplement to have their own room throughout.

Explore has been organising small group tours all over the world for over 40 years and have 450 trips in over 100 countries. Holidaymakers can choose from cultural, walking and cycling holidays all over the world, from Croatia to Costa Rica and Iceland to Indonesia.

On Explore holidays, the average group size is just 12 people, and the average customer is in their early to mid-fifties. Have a look at their website and see if something takes your fancy – there’s plenty to choose from

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You can always just book your own trip and go wherever you like. However, if you need a bit of help in the organising or if you’re still looking for a bit of company then travelling on your own but within a small, specialist group might be the perfect solution for you if you’re not quite ready to fly solo on holiday by yourself.

Another travel company that specialises in this area of travel is Solos. On their site, you can search by holiday type and from there you can choose from activity and adventure trips, sun, walks and treks, cruises, golf, tennis, skiing, and city breaks.

You’re bound to find something that suits your needs and your interests.

So…is this the year you’ll satisfy that solo wanderlust? You never know what adventures may arise from it. You might discover things about yourself you didn’t know, and it could open up a whole new world to you. If you’re thinking about going it alone this year then just go for it – you might bump into me!