It's National Bed Month - are you dreaming of getting a good night's sleep?

March is National Bed Month and the point of it is to highlight the importance of a good quality bed to ensure a good night’s sleep, and new data has revealed some of the country’s sleeping habits.

Deborah Welsh
Wednesday, 16th March 2022, 10:11am
It's National Bed Month - are you dreaming of getting a good night's sleep?

Is there a wrong side of the bed?

According to new data released by The Sleep Charity and National Bed Federation for March’s National Bed Month tells us that UK men are more accommodating than women when it comes to choosing which side of the bed they sleep on.

36 per cent of men let their partner decide which side of the bed they sleep on, compared to 22 per cent of women.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults revealed that men also tend to opt for the left side of the bed, while women were found to be creatures of habit, with 54 per cent choosing their side of the bed simply because they have always slept on that side. Interesting stuff.

Personally, I think there’s a lot more to consider for getting a good night’s kip and the findings have made me think about my own sleep patterns and the ambience of my bedroom.

First up, I wondered if the aches and pains I live with were connected to my bed rather than just natural signs of wear and tear (or old age!). I’m also guilty of sleeping with too many pillows. I have four all to myself. I’m pretty sure that can’t be doing my neck much good but it’s the way I like it.

My bed is still relatively new but apparently, we should change our mattresses a lot sooner than most of us actually do.

Under normal conditions mattresses should be replaced every six to eight years. This is a general guidance as there are various factors that may influence when you need to get a new one.

Choosing a new bed is a major decision. Given that we spend an average of one-third of our lives asleep, it’s vital to get the right one.

Jessica Alexander, executive director of the National Bed Federation, said: “Sleep is vital for a healthy and well-rounded life, and your choice of bed is a key factor in creating your perfect sleeping environment.

She added: “A good bed is vital to achieving a good night’s sleep. Beds don’t last forever, so it’s important that people know how to spot the signs of wear and when is the right time to look for a new bed.

Age, quality of sleep, visible signs such as sagging or lumps, and waking up with aches or pains are all signs that you may need to look for a new bed.”

Beds can be pricey and regardless of whether you need a new one, it might not be financially possible, but we can do other things to at least get us into the right frame of mind for a restful night.

There are a few simple things you can do to create the right conditions in your bedroom – it should be your go-to sanctuary. Minor tweaks to your décor can really make a difference.

A lick of paint in a calming, cool colour or even just new curtains or blinds, can change the mood of your room and help you drift off to the land of nod a lot easier.

Perhaps add some dreamy new bedlinen to your shopping list. Sleep is one of the best treatments we can give our minds and bodies and what better way to spend the wee small hours than wrapped in beautiful bedlinen. I don’t sleep well in dark colours or overly fussy bedding, and I’ve found it’s better sticking with comforting whites and neutrals instead. Quality bedlinen doesn’t come cheap but getting a good night’s sleep is worth every penny. I am a big fan of The White Company - those crisp, white sheets and duvet covers feel like I’m falling into a luxury bed in a five-star hotel!

And give your room a spring clean and get rid of any excess ‘stuff’ that’s clogging the place up. Clutter and junk won’t exactly set the scene for zen conditions.

Computers in the bedroom are another no go. I don’t have too much tech in my bedroom and as an adult, I’ve never had a television in my boudoir. I can’t imagine watching TV in bed, but I love reading in it. That said, I’m guilty of a little night scrolling on my phone and we all know that’s not good for us.

Being a solo sleeper, I’m lucky have nobody to fight over which end of the bed I get so there’s only myself to blame if I get out the wrong side of it in the morning.

Seriously, though, if you want some expert advice on sleep, look at The Sleep Charity website or call the National Sleep Helpline on 03303 530 541. The Sleep Charity is one of the leading, independent expert voices on sleep issues in the UK.

For info and advice on beds go to There is a bed buyers guide and a FAQ section.

Sleep tight!

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