Boulies EP400 review: The comfy adjustable office chair that's making life easier for home-workers

For many people these days working from home is the norm. And if you have the choice, why wouldn't you, when you can save thousands without the daily office commute while considerably reducing your carbon footprint in the process?

Daniel Bailey
Wednesday, 21st June 2023, 4:45am
Boulies EP400 review: The comfy adjustable office chair that's making life easier for home-workers

One thing that can be difficult is knowing how to suitably equip the home for clerical use, with many remote workers having to transform their dining tables into desks while persevering with books or boxes as monitor stands.

When it comes to health and safety, for me the most important aspect of a working day is comfort and being able to relax while dealing with the intensity of my daily duties, all of which are spent sitting in front of a computer screen.

My old office chair of five years, purchased from a well-known Swedish furniture store, had served me well, but had become a little tired and worn, with its once-vibrant cream-coloured features gradually turning into a much duller shade of dusty grey.

Step forward the Boulies EP400, my brand-new super comfortable office seat companion which has so far worked wonders for my posture while giving me some much-needed bounce during the daily grind.

With all the bits neatly packaged on delivery, piecing it together was easy, although I immediately noticed it was considerably heavier than my old chair, mainly due to the bulky, but state-of-the-art multiple adjustment system fixed underneath.

As well as providing dynamic spinal support the Boulies EP400 boasts a footrest which can easily be extended when it's time for elevenses and those all-important screen breaks, allowing you to stretch out and elevate the legs for better blood circulation and to reduce the risk of fatigue.

The cool 3D soft pod armrests are adjustable six ways to support the elbows and there's also a nice softly-cushioned neck pillow which can be altered accordingly to maintain a healthy sitting position and reduce strain on the muscles.

The chair's unique and clever design means it's able to conform to the contours of the body whether you're leaning forward to focus on a particular task or reclining during a coffee break, making it much easier to maintain a healthy posture throughout the working day.

Customised comfort is key, but don't be fooled into thinking this chair is all work and no play as its longevity also makes it suitable for hardened gamers.

The Boulies EP400 is currently on offer with a £40-off saving, making it £249.99, which is still relatively pricey compared to other office chairs on the market.

But what it guarantees is durability thanks mainly to the strength of its rigorously-tested mesh material which helps to ensure coolness and comfort at all times of the day as well as low maintenance when it comes to clearing up those inevitable food and drink spillages.

Suitable for users up to 130kg/286lb and with a height of 170-190cm/5'7"-6'3", the EP400 Series comes with a two-year warranty and can be purchased from the Boulies website.


Seat Height: 49.5-59.5cm, Seat Depth: 41-44cm, Backrest Height: 72.5-77.5cm, Arm Height: 64-81cm, Seat Width: 48.8cm, Width between armrests (including armrest width): 67cm, Backrest Width: 51cm, Footrest Length: 45.5cm

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The chair also boasts a pullout footrest. Image: Boulies
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The cool 3D soft pod armrests are adjustable six ways to support the elbows. Image: Boulies
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