Wright Side of Life: festive vegan sausage treat

Here we are in the first week of December. I know we are always saying it, but where does the time go! On the food side of things, I find the freezer is invaluable as it enables me to cook and bake the festive treats in advance of the actual festivities and buy myself some time. So far, I have made and frozen some quiche; lots of sausage rolls, both vegan and meat; a festive sausage wreath and my first batch of mince pies.The sausage wreath is one of my favourite things to make at this time of year.It looks very special as a centrepiece on a buffet table and is always a talking point. It is, however, relatively simple to make.

Fiona Evans
Wednesday, 30th November 2022, 1:46pm
Wright Side of Life: festive vegan sausage treat

I usually buy some puff pastry. Most sold are vegan which is most helpful these days when so many of my family are either vegetarian or vegan.

I buy vegan sausages too and with extra spices added and a little chutney or chilli jam they make a first-class filling.

This is how I make it. I unroll the sheet of pastry and slice it in half in the long direction.

I take a pack of vegan sausages and using my hands squish them up together and add some herbs or spices.

I used dried sage and onion salt and straightaway I could smell Christmas in the bowl.

I divided the sausage mixture into two and made a long sausage of it down the centre of each piece of pastry.

I brushed some soy milk over the pastry and then carefully cut the pastry either side of the filling into approximately one-inch strips.

One side at an angle of 20 past on a clock face and the other at an

angle of 20 to on a clock face.

I ran a little cranberry sauce on top of the filling and then started to place the strips of pastry over the filling, alternating one strip from each side at a time.

I brushed all over with the soy milk and lifted each long pastry ‘bandage’ onto a baking sheet. I shaped each one into a semi-circle. I baked them at 200c for 20 minutes.

Once baked, very carefully move each semicircle onto a serving platter and butt the ends up forming a full circle. I brushed all over with a clear chilli jam - you could use maple syrup. It looks fabulous served with little pots of chutney and a few grapes to hide the joins in the pastry.

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