Eight must-haves for your child's bedroom

Our space is important, as much to our children as ourselves, their bedrooms serving multiple purposes, providing a place for them to play, relax and explore.

Fiona Evans
Wednesday, 30th November 2022, 2:55pm
Eight must-haves for your child's bedroom

Interior design expert www.unbeatableblinds.co.uk has curated a list of must-haves for children’s bedrooms that will help you as much as them.

1 Coloured walls

Being a child is about having fun, learning new things and being carefree.

White walls can be plain and, while not all children like bright colours, some may prefer a different option to neutral tones.

Have them choose their walls’ colour and maybe even include them in the process of painting them.

2 Bed they can grow into

This one is practical for you and important for them, as changing the bed will cost you money.

Instead, get a bigger bed they can grow into and watch them reclaim their space.

3 Lots of storage

Children can own many things and that’s why it’s essential to have as much storage space as possible in their room.

This not only helps you and them to keep the space tidy but also teaches them that everything has a place and each item can be put back there.

4 Rug

This will give them a comfortable place to play and give the room a splash of colour and sense of completeness.

5 Safe but fun blinds

Just like adults, children need their privacy and shade, but what is even more important is their safety.

Roller blinds, which your little one can help to choose, come in a multitude of patterns and colours.

6 Bookshelves

Bookshelves serve a practical purpose but can easily be customised.

Reading to your children is a great way to bond with them and to initiate a journey of discovery which often stays with them well into adulthood.

7 Laundry basket

What better way to teach your children that their dirty clothes don’t belong on the floor?

8 Rubbish bin(s)

This not only helps your children to keep their room tidy and litter-free but also offers an opportunity to highlight the importance of differentiating waste and recycling.

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