Artmoves set to tread the boards again

Artmoves' devised performance of The Tempest.Artmoves' devised performance of The Tempest.
Artmoves' devised performance of The Tempest.
Artmoves’ summer drama project is set to wow audiences at the Webster Memorial Theatre next month.

Artmoves, a registered charity, was formed in 2003 to support Angus people living with disabilities and to give them the chance to realise their full potential by participation in drama, art and music. Through Artmoves, members are given opportunities to involve themselves in all aspects of the arts, working with professional arts practitioners in workshops.

The skills learned are then put to use in performances, competitions and exhibitions. An example of Artmoves’ work is the summer drama project which takes place each year at the Webster Memorial Theatre.

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The group has presented devised Shakespeare performances since 2009. A spokesperson for Artmoves said: “Shakespeare gives us ambition. His plays are so individual in style, story and scope. Each play comes with special requirements – battle scenes, witches casting spells, a wild storm, a bear pursuing a wee man. Shakespeare gives us status, allowing us to portray figures of importance – Kings and Queens, governors, priests, aristocrats.

Shakespeare’s plays are about how we relate to ourselves, to each other and to the world. Using the arts as a platform of expression for people with disabilities encourages community participation and inclusion, whilst promoting the artistic and cultural achievements of those involved to the wider community in the form of a performance or exhibition.”

Don't miss Artmoves’ devised performance of The Tempest at Webster Memorial Theatre, Arbroath on Friday, July 1 at 1pm. Donations on the door.

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